March 15, 2020

Membership renewal information is attached. We hope you take advantage of the Early Bird Special to save even more (up to $1.00 a bird)! All birds need to be used by December 6th as we’ll be closing the doors for the season at that time. So, please, adjust your order accordingly. With rising operating costs you will notice an increase in the price of birds this year. Member birds will be raised to $20.00/bird (a 50 cent increase) and nonmember birds will be raised to $23.00 (a $2.50 increase). One good reason to become a member.

Cat work is already in progress clearing brush along the roads and if we continue to get freezing weather after the snow settles we should be able to get in the fields, too. If you hunted with us during the monsoons last year, you know that major gravel hauling is needed and rest assured, will commence this summer.

As we get older and are looking forward to semi-retirement we’ve found that something’s gotta give. Sadly we’ve decided that our sporting clays will be the first casualty in our long range plan. We know this will take many of you by surprise (we’ve only just decided) and cause major withdrawal to our many dedicated shooters. We are planning a trip to Alaska and doing some fishing this summer. So our grateful appreciation to those who have shot our leagues throughout the years and we hope to see many of you in the future, possibly in one of our hunting fields chasing some pheasants. Again our thanks and appreciation for all your support.

These private shoots are becoming very popular and are a great way to entertain friends, family or employees. A typical shoot can hold 24 people and will last approximately 2 - 3 hours. It’s a BLAST and a fast way to shoot some birds and spend time with your friends without all the walking. A great way to entertain clients!

Contact Dennis or Mimi any time at: 218-787-2375


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