April 10, 2024

I wish we had a dollar for every time someone asked how long we’ll keep doing the pheasants or when we’ll retire. Now we’re not sure if that’s because you all know we made it to Medicare age or if you’ve seen how much slower we’re moving these days. Answer to the question: We have no plans on retiring (ever) but sometimes God has other plans. We are taking it “one day at a time” and will continue at this modified pace until we are no longer able.

This year hunting will open on September 14th and will close on November 5th. We have most Saturdays booked with European shoots so there is very limited field space on those days. Make sure to book your Saturdays now. After many years of negotiations (it’s really hard to break a tie with only 2 voters) we’ve decided to take one day off a week. This year we will be closed for hunts on Mondays.

Enclosed is your renewal application and Early Bird form. Individual members $200 and business members $500. If for any reason you’ve decided to not renew with us this year, could you email me and let us know. We value each and every member but since we’ve implemented the members only policy, we’ve acquired a long list of hunters trying to become members and it would be great help to us (and them) to know asap.

Our spring plans always include beaver trapping and this year is no different. We are also going to take our much delayed Alaskan cruise.

Contact Dennis or Mimi any time at: 218-787-2375


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