Our Favorite Recipe
Pheasants & Apples
(submitted by: Erik & Jill - Eden Prairie, MN)

two pheasant breasts - deboned and cut into bite-sized pieces
one can of chicken stock
Chardoney wine - equal amount as chicken stock
2 or three garlic beads - chopped or crushed
olive oil
brown sugar or maple syrup (one Tbsp)
two apples - cored, peeled and thick sliced

To prepare:
In one pan, saute garlic in olive oil. In another pot, boil pieces of pheasant
in chicken stock and Chardoney wine. Remove pheasant when barely cooked.
Add stock and wine to garlic and olive oil and reduce to 1/2.
Add brown sugar or maple syrup (just enough to flavor) and apples.
When apples are soft on outside but slightly crunchy in middle,
add pheasant and heat until pheasant is hot. Serve on rice.

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