Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Question:Do I need a license to hunt on the Preserve?
Answer:No license is required.
Question:Do I have to have a dog to hunt the Preserve?
Answer:Absolutely! You can bring your own hunting dog or hire one of our experienced guides with their dog(s).
Question:How many hunters can I bring with me?
Answer:All fields are restricted to 4 people allowed. This includes hunters, spectators, walk-alongs, etc. and regardless of age. The only exception is when hiring one of our guides. He is not counted as one of your four people.
Question:I have a new dog that's never been on pheasants. Can you help me?
Answer:You bet! We have 2 fields that are designated for training. We can custom design your hunt so your dog can get the most benefit in training and you can still have an enjoyable experience. Just let us know at the time you book your hunt.
Question:What if it's raining?
Answer:We hunt whether it's rain or shine! We like to think our hunters are a hardy bunch and realize that weather conditions can be a crap shoot. We would only cancel in extreme conditions, i.e. lightning thunderstorm.
Question:What if I need to cancel my hunt?
Answer:We would appreciate as much advance notice as possible. The minimum notice allowed is 2 hours before your scheduled field time. After that the cost of the birds released is your responsibility.
Question:What do I need to bring?
Answer:Besides your cased shotgun, you will need a dog (your own or a hired dog & handler). Also required are a blaze orange hat and/or vest. We have vests available for your use at the clubhouse.

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