Hunting Club
We're located right in the heart of
northeast Minnesota on 685 acres of
private land.
Our hunting locations have a variety
of native grasses and planted areas
for some of the most challenging
upland game hunting cover.

Dennis and Mimi

All Phase Construction

Hunt Requirements!
Rules and Regulations!
Membership Information!
Membership Application!
Location! Recipes!
Our Guides! Shooting Gallery!

We're open for hunting
early September!

(Individual or Family)
Initiation Fee
(1st year only)
$200.00 Annual Membership

Initiation Fee
(1st year only)
$500.00 Annual Membership

$22.00/pheasant (members)
$26.00/pheasant (non members)

$75.00/dog and handler (member)
$90.00/dog and handler (non-member)

$3.00/bird cleaning (member)
$3.50/bird cleaning (non-member)

$15.00/scratch bird (member)
$20.00/scratch bird (non-member)

(plus 7.375% Minnesota sales tax)
* There will be a $10/person daily fee
for all nonmembers hunting
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!

Early Bird Special
Members Only

Designed for the hunter that wants an
exciting and challenging experience
which our fullfeathered and strong
flying birds can provide.


Udovich Guide Service
12545 Willow River Rd Greaney, MN 55771
(218) 787-2375