Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations
  1. Always have your gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Keep your gun unloaded and cased or the action open until you are in the field or your guide instructs otherwise.
  2. All hunters must wear blaze orange. Either a blaze cap or vest or both.
  3. No alcohol allowed in the field at any time (before, during or after your hunt)!
  4. While in the field keep your gun SAFETY ON until a bird flushes. Check your safety periodically during the hunt to be sure it's on safe. Avoid an accident!
  5. Absolutely no ground shooting. After the flush avoid any low flying birds. This is for the hunter's safety and the safety of the flushing dogs.
  6. Be aware of your hunting party members at all times. Keep that muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Practice sportsmanship and gun safety for a fun hunt.
  7. All youths must have completed a firearms safety course in order to participate in a field hunt.
  8. You are hunting both hen and rooster pheasants. All native birds are off limits unless otherwise specified by your guide.
  9. Hunt only your field. Please respect the boundaries of your hunting area and stay inside your prescribed field. Do not hunt while driving to or coming from your field. All guns should be unloaded and cased when you leave your hunting area.
  10. Be aware that hunting is an inherently dangerous sport. Varied terrain and weather conditions can cause slips and falls. Be careful!
  11. Hunting parties are limited to 4 persons whether shooting or walking along.
  12. No video cameras allowed in the field.

You will be asked to sign a waiver indicating you have read and will follow these rules and regulations.
Thank You!

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